About Me

~Don’t ever let the world change your smile. Change the world with your smile.~

Hello and welcome.

I’m Michelle- a kindhearted, quirky, wise, and stoic, secretly sensitive individual. I also happen to be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Health and Wellness Freelance Writer. I’m adamant about getting to know people on a personal, humanistic level before delving into their profession or endeavors. Isn’t it interesting how we’ve evolved to define ourselves by a profession or a title? Whether you identify as a lawyer or entrepreneur or mother, all of us are human beings, first and foremost.

With that being said, one of my life mantras is, “If it involves mountains, coffee, or adventure, count me in.” As of November 2019, I’d also like to add my puppy, Everest, as well. Unfortunately, it drastically dampens the rhythm of that phrase. Fun fact- I received the superlative “Most likely to summit Mt. Everest” two times in my life! Hence the reason I named my favorite creature on this earth after my most exciting endeavor in this life. If I’m not involved with one of the four aforementioned activities or entities, I am most likely reading, writing, painting, walking, or soaking up esoteric podcasts- and doing any of these outdoors as much as possible. I was meant to be born in the mid-sixties, dream about living in a tepee out West, and am utterly obsessed with the Enneagram- a personality test that possesses the power to transform the way you understand yourself and others. If you can guess my Enneagram number, I’ll do something very kind for you.

Now that you know me better as a human- I’ve always loved and had a propensity towards anything health and wellness. Beginning in high school, I recognized the power of nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle when I drastically shaved minutes off my 5k time by implementing basic health strategies. As I became older and wiser, I realized health and wellness encompass so much more than food and exercise. My higher education merely touched the basic levels of health food habits. But my curiosity for deeper levels of healing and preventing chronic disease opened doors to practices, interventions, and modalities that continue to open my eyes and strengthen my tool box. As a practitioner, I “counsel” from an open minded, non-judgmental, and empathetic way in order to determine how to best treat each unique individual. As a writer and creator, I dive deeper than the regular six foot pool. I am able to combine straightforward, scientific subject matter and concepts with the more heretical ones- leading to beautiful, meaningful, but still evidence-based works of art.


My nutrition/health & wellness philosophy is simple and sustainable for a general population, yet, nuanced and individualized for each client. I encourage whole foods for the gut, brain, and body, while also permitting “fun” foods for the soul. All foods and activities can fit into a healthy lifestyle, and education, and knowledge and intuition can empower an individual to achieve a balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

Most importantly, I’m a big believer in being who you are, un-apologetically. I know what it’s like to try and mold into the girl or boy that everyone “likes” to no avail, and it’s exhausting. So, in honor of National Eating Disorder week 2020, please, “Come as you are.” I will always show up for you as simply me.

Education and Professional Experience

I attended utopia for undergraduate school, otherwise known as, The University of Dayton, in Ohio. It’s truly a special place, where I majored in Nutrition and Dietetics. After, I attended Saint Louis University in Missouri and received my Master’s degree in Nutrition and Physical Performance, a fancy term for Sports Nutrition. Here, I also became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). As a practitioner, I specialize and enjoy working with two main struggles and/or niches including eating disorders/disordered eating, and complicated GI issues like autoimmune diseases, Mold and heavy metal toxicity, Candida, Lyme, SIBO, and IBS.

Writing Experience and Expertise

A couple weeks ago, I experienced a fleeting memory of wanting to be an author “when I grew up.” Fitting, because this past year, I decided to leave my conventional 9-5 clinical job as a dietitian to pursue writing and content creation full time. In third grade, I won a writing contest for a three page essay describing the experience of sucking on a peppermint using all five senses. I only add that because the subject of that essay cracks me up to this day. From there, I began writing for an online magazine in college, geared towards helping college kids navigate food and nutrition on their own for the first time. In graduate school, I was the first author of a thesis manuscript, “Short Term Effects of The Mediterranean Diet on Exercise Performance,” which was published in The Journal of American College of Nutrition. Additionally, I managed my own WordPress Blog site for two years before becoming a virtual assistant, writing, creating content, and marketing for two different companies. While I wholeheartedly value the relational aspect of counseling and working 1:1 with clients, writing eclipses my ability to reach, inspire, and help others heal in their own unique ways.


I always believed my purpose in this life included helping people. For a long time, I only considered conventional ways, which paved my path towards dietetics and assisting others in creating healthier lives. Recently, I’ve realized I can help even more people through my words. Whether I’m receiving payment or not; whether it’s through my personal Blog or another brand’s magazine; whether it’s five hundred or ten thousand words- it’s all meaningful. I am still confident my purpose is to serve others, and I’m so thankful I’m being awakened to the infinite opportunities and ways to do so.