Slow Cooker Bread

17th October 2012

I flipping love autumn and not just because I get to cover up the bingo wings again (I know, you’re welcome) but because it also means that one essential kitchen gadget gets to come out to play…

The Slow Cooker {or crockpot if you prefer}.

I LOVE my slow cooker. It’s the ultimate kitchen essential for the lazy girl.

So I thought I’d give baking a loaf of bread via the slow cooker a whirl…

And it’s so simple. You can either buy pre-made dough or make a fresh batch {I went for the semi lazy girl experience and used a packet of James Martin Bread Mix}.

Just pop the dough on some baking parchment paper, whack the slow cooker on and in an hour (may take a bit longer if you want it crusty) you’ve got yourself a freshly baked loaf.

This is my first attempt – it’s not as pretty as I’d like but who cares if it tastes good right? Tomorrow, I’m going to try a multi-seed bread (made from scratch this time so I’ll pop a full recipe up on the blog).

* excuse the images – I only had my iPhone to hand.

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  • FitzBowden

    @rachaelphillips I love this idea. I need inspiration for slow cooker cooking. Thanks!

    • rachaelphillips

      @FitzBowden I think I may do a few slow cooker recipes. I’m not the perfect cook but who is?! I set the slow cooker on high btw x

  • FitzBowden

    What setting on the old’ crock did you bake it on? I am inspired!

    • @FitzBowden I’ve got a real basic slow cooker (crock) which is low, high and warm. I put it on hot as it was an experiment but it worked!!!

  • Rob_Newport

    @rachaelphillips This was third day stew which is always the best. Oddly enough she did warmed up packet bread but it’s just not the same.

  • Rob_Newport

    @rachaelphillips I’ll show her the link to try. x

  • Oooooh I love!!!! Definitely going to give this one a try!

    • @Deborah Lee It’s SO easy!! I know whacking it in the oven is easy too but it’s really lovely.

  • Ge0rgiaOnMyMind

    @rachaelphillips this is *amazing* …trying it this weekend!

  • PatWilsonWLR

    @rachaelphillips Slow Cooker Bread – tried it at the weekend & it was delicious & easy even for a non cook like me!

    • rachaelphillips

      @PatWilsonWLR Oh I’m so pleased!! It’s great isn’t it?!

      • PatWilsonWLR

        @rachaelphillips Daughter wants slow cooker so she can do it, see what you’ve started, told her to visit you & sample as she’s nearby

        • rachaelphillips

          @PatWilsonWLR Ha yeah I’ll have an open day 😉 I got a great slow cooker from asda £3 perfect for students!

        • PatWilsonWLR

          @rachaelphillips If you offer alcohol, the whole Uni will turn up…thanks for tip about Asda slow oooker